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HLTV Setup

Half Life TV allows you to stream cs gameplay of live server as a spectator.

Steps to Start HLTV in Linux

1. Download hltv.cfg
2. Put that hltv.cfg in main folder outside of cstrike or czero folder.
3. Now put this command line given below.
Replace x with your details!

./hltv +ip x -port x +maxclients x +delay x +publicgame x +connect x +exec hltv.cfg

For Example

./hltv +ip -port 27016 +maxclients 127 +delay 10 +publicgame x +connect +exec hltv.cfg

Note: where 
+connect : is for ip which you want hltv to be connected
+ip : your HLTV Server ip
-port :Your HLTV Server port
+exec hltv.cfg : to execute hltv.cfg file

Screen Command
screen -A -m -d -S HLTV ./hltv +ip -port 27016 +maxclients 127 +delay 10 +publicgame x +connect +exec hltv.cfg

To Connect or resume screen back
Screen -r

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